Our High Quality Digital Magazine Exists To Feature and Promote Your Work

                   Every quarter Tales From Wales will produce a  free digital magazine designed to attract readership and provide you with another platform for your writing.
The magazine is the spearhead of our promotional activities. We also intend producing hard on-demand copies through Amazon CreateSpace.


Writing Groups

Get your group featured and showcase your work.

email: phil@talesfromwales.net



Spring 2018:

Tonypandy Writing Group



New Writers

Provide a sample of your work for the downloads page and we will also consider it for the magazine.

Contact: phil@talesfromwales.net

Spring 2018:

Paul Worthington
Sheila Lewis
 Dave Lewis
 Lucy Mitchell
Phil Rowlands


Welsh Bloggers

If you have a blog or there is one you would like to see included contact:

Spring 2018:
Lucy Mitchell - BlondeWriteMore


Wales Across the World

Tales From Wales actively seeks writers living abroad or who have Welsh roots or simply harbour a love of Wales.
We also contact Welsh clubs and societies. If you are aware of any active links please let us know.

Spring 2018

Ifan Odwyn Jones


Welsh Artists

Wales has so much creative talent that all too often does not receive the recognition it deserves.
If you know anyone you would like to see featured then please let us know.

Spring 2018
Oneill Meredith






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