"It's not too late to be what you might have been." George Elliot

Dylan Thomas exhorted us to. . .

'Go not gently into that good night'. 

This website intends following his advice.

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TalesFromWales.net aims to become a platform for self published and aspiring authors fed up with hearing that familiar and endearing response from established publishers.


Hopefully, not that endearing.

Published authors are also welcome.
No discrimination!

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Book Of The Week
A Dozent Tales of Misfortune

by Paul Worthington


Paul is a former pupil of mine who did not start writing seriously until he was thirty.
Paul is a writer of considerable talent and potential. Reminiscent of an embryonic Stephen King he will only get better and better.

Download a taster story 'The Stump' from our DOWNLOADS  page.






 Blog Of The Month
The Wales Blog Network

Blogging is a universally accepted form of literary expression. There are many excellent and diverse  Welsh blogs.

This page provides links to your blogs or blogs you may find interesting or helpful. Click on the 'Blog Of The Week' image to visit the featured blog.

Tales From Wales will regularly explore some in more depth in our own blog.

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Videos are becoming increasingly popular with authors as a means of promoting  their work.

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