A self-help writing community for aspiring and self published authors with a strong Welsh flavour.

"Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

I'm convinced Dylan must have known a few old bowlers like me. At the end of most days in late Summer you can find me raging away at the dying of the light and anyone else unfortunate to be within earshot.

This website has been created for rejected and unpublished writers who realise that raging is a complete waste of energy but don't know what else to do.

Let's try and put things into perspective. Dylan's father was apparently a frustrated and unpublished poet. He couldn't have been that bad!

Ron Berry, one of the great Welsh writers was published but most Welsh people have probably never heard of him.

It's time to start helping ourselves.

Who's with me?



Don't Kick The Habit!

Winston Churchill (whisper his name quietly in Tonypandy) once outraged a room full of wealthy guests with his after dinner speech. It went something like this:

"Never give up, never give up, never, never, never."

Probably the shortest after dinner speech in history. It succinctly encapsulates what our attitude must be with regard to writing.
Writing should be a bit like smoking,  a habit almost impossible to kick.

Tales From Wales has been unashamedly established with the intention of encouraging you to become a write addict!

Not his finest hour.


Self Publishing - An Alternative Universe For Writers?

The biggest kick any writer can get is seeing his/her book in print.
Let's not pretend we don't care. Until the advent of self publishing aspiring authors relied on the capricious whims and fancies of editors and publishers.  Most of us would  kill for a book deal with a respected publishing house and don't even mention film or TV rights!


The world has turned. Create Space and the like have opened up an alternative self publishing universe. 
The problem is most of us need a sat-nav to ensure we don't get lost in space.

Through our blog, Tales From Wales intends helping you navigate this brave new, and somewhat intimidating, world. The ultimate objective is independence.
Hopefully we can help everyone who wants to self publish their work acquire the essential knowledge and skills necessary.  If you want to learn something badly enough, you will.

I think it's called Create Space!

Hello, Is There Anybody There?

Ever jumped in the shower to find the water is freezing? That's akin to the shock most aspiring authors get when they discover they have to promote their own work if they want to get noticed.
Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube etc suddenly materialise like unwelcome spectres at the book launch.  If your prospective audience is immediate family and friends then this is not an issue.  
If your sights are set on global domination  we'd better start exorcising some ghosts.

Tales From Wales will have its own Facebook Page, Pinterest Site, Twitter Account etc, where you will be featured should you choose. Together stronger our watchword. If you already have your own social media sites we will also link to them from this website. If you link back to TalesFromWales.net that strengthens our presence on Google.
i.e. Make it easier for us to be found.

We want to create a win win situation for everyone.
For those of you feeling like you really have landed in some alternative social media universe we will provide support and help.
The ultimate goal is a self-help community of like minded writers.  
Above all we want to get your stuff out there.

The burning question most self-published writers want answered.